Automotive Services

D. Rampersad has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the Automotive field, stemming well over 50 years. In fact, the company initially started off in the automotive division, by supplying spare parts throughout the country many years ago as well as refurbishing of engines.

Our Service Centre is extremely well equipped to execute works proficiently and to O.E.M. specifications for both internal combustion engines as well as reciprocating compressors.

Cylinder Heads

Pressure testing, magnetic particle inspection, seat and guide manufacturing and replacement, metal-locking and resurfacing.

Engine Blocks

Reboring, resleeving, counterboring, rebuilding, line-boring and engine alignment.


N.D.T. (Wet and Dry), straightening, rebuilding, grinding, hardness testing and deflection measurements.


Connecting rods - reconditioning, N.D.T., cavitation repairs and honing.

D. Rampersad also carries a wide range of automotive spare parts for Japanese, American, European and Korean vehicles. These include the following:

Tune up Parts

Oil, Additives, Air & Oil Filters, Sprays, Car Care Accessories, Sockets, Spanners, Radiator Fluids and Brake Fluids.

Engine Parts

Seals, Head Gaskets Kits, Valves, Pistons, Rings, Liners, Rods, Bearings, Coil Packs, Plugs and Water pumps.

Suspension Parts

Ball Joints, Steering Ends, Cradles, Shocks, Bushings, Bearings, Disc Pads, Brake Shoes, Rotors, Dry Shaft Cross, Clutch Plate, Pressure plate and Release Bearings.

We are also proud to be the exclusive agent for the renowned MAC Batteries in Trinidad & Tobago. These are available at both our branches as well as well as many conveniently located local distributors.

For some time now, CNG has been promoted as the alternative transport fuel of the future for our vehicles simply because it is cheaper, cleaner, safer and greener. Harmful emissions such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide are reduced significantly through the use of CNG with no additives and a clean-burn. CNG also benefits the performance of a vehicle, leaving no by-products due to combustion. At D. Rampersad, we recognise the importance and growing need to utilize these alternative forms of fuels and as such we have several fuel-efficient vehicles available:

  • YUTONG ZK6729N 25 SEATER BUS (100% CNG)