Rotating Equipment Maintenance

Eutectic Five Star Facility

  • Submerged Arc Welding of rotors and shafts – including journals, glands and thrust faces
  • Gas Tungsten Arc Welding of turbine steam path components such as blades, nozzles and diaphragms. Valve seat repairs and pump impeller vane refurbishment
  • Plasma Arc Overlay of gland sleeves, valve seats and many other components where hard facing and durability in service is a necessity
  • Application of Metal and Ceramic sprays utilising the Terodyn 2000 process. Areas reclaimed include journals, seal landing, glands and bearing bores

Eutectic Five Star Facility

  • Service of steam turbines covers a wide range, from small auxiliary drives to larger compression and power generation drives. Conversant with most types and makes of steam turbines, D. Rampersad provides the following services:

    • Re-blading
    • Replacing labyrinth strip
    • Journal and thrust disc refurbishment
    • De-stacking
    • Incremental balancing
    • Component manufacture
    • The diaphragm, Nozzle restoration
    • Complete overhaul and testing
    • Rerates or Modifications
    • Governor upgrades

    We provide on-site services to handle every need including full overhauls, emergency breakdowns, balancing, vibration analysis, laser alignment, troubleshooting, a component repair or replacement and preventative or routine maintenance for pumps, compressors, turbines (as mentioned above), industrial rotors, motors, conveyors and other rotating equipment.