We’re about achieving Net-Zero today…

About DR Carbon Solutions:

Established in 2021, leveraging on the goodwill, relationships and experiences of D. Rampersad and Company Limited, DRCSL is promoting the integration and deployment of novel green technologies in the local market – supporting our existing clientele achieve their corporate plans towards net zero.

Strategic Aims:

  • Developing low carbon solutions (LCDS) for industrial plants and urban infrastructure 
  • Scaling of breakthrough technologies for use of CO2 and Methane
  • Creating opportunities for use and sequestration for CO2
  • Promoting green investments locally and regionally
  • Supporting the alignment of local industry with <1.5 degree C Global Initiatives

Areas of Focus:

  • Methane Capture and Conversion
  • Virtual CO2 Pipeline – Capture, Scrub, Compression and Sequestration
  • CO2 Use – Mineralization and Conversion
  • Tyre Recycling
  • Carbon Trading
  • Novel Renewable Technologies
    • Agro-Solar Sytsems
    • Floating Solar Systems
    • Wind Trees Development
  • Resource Mapping Technologies

Meet Our Team:

Our structure is defined by a roundtable of professionals in multiple service teams working with global associate companies. The Teams and Team Leads are responsible for maintaining a network and continuing to expand services, reach and project development. Our team includes engineers, financial and investment experts, project managers and energy innovators.